February 14, 2013 Pink Inspires

Trust and Courage

Although it may not happen often enough,  “Good people” do cross our paths. That’s right, genuine, honest, FRIENDLY, good hearted, HAPPY, down to earth people with no ulterior motive but to be a part of your life, share and inspire you.

There are those that will judge the value of their life and success by the number of Facebook friends or contacts in their Rolodex (WOW… I feel so dated lol!).  And there are others that will choose more wisely and only surround themselves with quality individuals that bring happiness, laughter and consistently demonstrate a two way friendship.

Just recently, my life intersected with such an individual.  Under the oddest and unlikely of circumstances, both of us dealing with difficult issues in our lives, here’s someone who has completely proven me wrong.

I had been wondering “Where have all the Good people gone”?Over the past few years,  I started to accept that most people, men AND women, are extremely selfish, lazy and are not accountable for their actions.  How refreshing to see there are still people left in this world who will not run away from their problems or blame others.

In a desire to find happiness and live an honest life to the fullest, my friend is choosing to do what, frankly, most will not. When two people find they no longer bring joy to each other or they have little in common, it seems people would rather stay in an unhappy situation, trapped in an emotional jail because they are afraid of the unknown or being alone.  It takes a much stronger individual to make the hard decision and seek change. Unfortunately, people stay in relationships at the cost of their own happiness for the ‘sake of their children” or because of the financial burden.  We all know someone who has gone through a divorce or separation that was so degrading, mean and hurtful.  It is shameful to witness humans act with such callous, hate and revenge towards the same person they once loved and shared their life with.

Even when one person is acting selfish and behaving with such evil, it is a relief that the other person does not lower their standards and remains civil while acting with honour and integrity.  Many today, both personally and professionally, when faced with a situation that is unfair or turns their world upside down, will lash out and react solely in defence of their precious ego.  All logic disappears.  It truly takes a courageous person to check their ego and behave in a manner that is productive and EFFECTIVE, versus being right…

You hear all the time that Life is short. Yes, life can be like a boxing match where you win some and you lose some.

The important thing is to stay in the match and keep fighting… BUT with grace, poise and self respect. No dirty punches because you’ll forever be remembered for that one cheap shot…

No matter how difficult the road ahead may seem, congratulations to those willing to step up, take a chance and face their situation full on.  Life can be about waiting for the storm to pass…  But wouldn’t you want to learn to dance in the rain instead?

~ One Of The Many Voices of Pink Inspires