As the world becomes increasingly complex and seemingly is unraveling in different corners of the globe, we have choices: Avoid and pretend whatever challenge or pit of despair we face magically disappears OR engage in solving the issue.

Inspired by life experiences, influenced by family, friends, and colleagues, Pink Inspires raises awareness about the importance of having hope and being connected to humanity.

Our future is not written and as individuals or collectively as a community, personally and professionally, the most important step to embracing change is our ability to shift our minds and modify assumptions. No matter how efficient and productive we evolve to as a society and race, we must honor our hearts – approach life with compassion, kindness, and grace – especially in times of discomfort.

To grow into better human beings tomorrow means embracing human connection and honoring our truth – It’s not what we do, but HOW we show up.

Pink Inspires is proud to be that voice of hope bringing comfort, knowledge, and encouragement… And it begins with a single step forward.