You thought of everything when designing the Forever Beautiful bra/camisole for post breast cancer surgery.  The softness and comfort of bamboo cotton, the easy Velcro front closure and the practicality of wearing just the bra, or snapping on the camisole to wear as a bra/camisole.  Having a place to put my drain bulb in either the snap on pouch for the bra or the pockets in the camisole , was so practical and useful.  I found your stylish bra/camisole so comfortable immediately following my unilateral mastectomy and also during and after the healing process.

Thank you!
Joyce Milne

Thank you Peekaboo Pour Nous for the Forever Beautiful Bra. I’m not one to write reviews, but because this garment made such a difference in my life, I’m making an exception.

Allow me to share my story.

A short three weeks ago, I had a mastectomy on my left breast. Like anyone else that has gone through this experience, after my operation I was a mix of emotions: Scared, sore, lost, overwhelmed. But to top it off, I was sent home from the hospital wearing a thing that resembled men’s hospital underwear with the crotch area cut out. The nurses slipped it over my head like a tank top so it covered the layers of gauze and tape that bound me together. Two drains were pinned to my zip up sweatshirt, leaving me completely paranoid every time I moved or bent down that I might rip out my drains. Given that I’m not very big in the chest area 😉 every time I would stand up, this contraption kept falling down. So just imagine my discomfort and how annoyed I became over the first few days at home. I was always watching my posture so I wouldn’t pull out my drains and also constantly pulling up this ugly uncomfortable thing around my chest. I was exhausted and felt so unattractive.

But on Day 7, my life and spirits changed. I received a parcel from my sister in law. Similar to a little kid that can’t wait to tear open presents on Christmas morning, I couldn’t wait to see the bra that she sent me. After hearing the nightmare I was going through, wearing a post surgery garment made of men’s underwear, she told me she had met someone that had designed a post operative bra that would change my life.

When I opened my parcel, I found a beautiful black bamboo bra/camisole. Not only was the fabric soft to touch but it felt like a blanket, soft against my skin and sore where the doctors had stitched me up. The fabric had a mild tension to it so it provided light compression holding everything in place. Inside the camisole were pockets that allowed me to hide my two drains and keep them safe from being snagged. I also had the option to remove the camisole part when I wanted to and wear just the bra. When I wore just the bra, my two drains were tucked inside pouches that attached to the bra. I’m not lying when I tell you that I instantly felt like I was a lady again!

From the minute I had this garment on, I¹m telling you, I didn’t want to take it off. I wore it everywhere, all day and every night in bed. The design was so beautiful and feminine that it looked like a camisole that women wear in the summer time, so I even wore it out for dinner with my husband, under a see-through sweater. When I finally washed my bra, after 2 weeks straight wearing it, I was amazed that it didn’t smell and the garment dried very quickly so I could put it back on. It’s hard to explain how a piece of clothing can make such a difference in my spirits, but wearing this bra made me feel good about myself! I wore this bra everyday until Day 25 when the last drain was removed.

Even though I don¹t have to wear it to bed anymore, I still reach for it and wear it during the day. Bra or camisole, whatever I’m in the mood for, I continue to wear it everyday.

Thank you Peekaboo Pour Nous,
Sandra Lumley