In the fast paced society we live in, it’s no surprise that we’re so focused on the future that we forget to stop and appreciate what we have at this very moment. We’re always searching for the next “thing” that will make us happy, which 99% of the time tends to be materialistic in value.  Honestly, when the last time you stopped for a moment, looked around you and truly appreciated the lifestyle that has been built for you

For me, it was not until a near tragedy almost occurred this year that I realized how to appreciate the small things in life, and how crucial one’s attitude is to their life’s outcome.  While vacationing with her family, my dear friend Deanna was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 20.  Having no prior symptoms, this was a diagnosis that took us all by storm.  Despite her battles, she went into each chemo treatment with a positive attitude and never let the illness strip her of her smile.

Despite Deanna’s willpower to combat the illness, it was not quite finished its fight and caused her to relapse in July.  Yet, Deanna’s positive spirit and bravery have allowed her to push past doctors doubts and she is now building back her strength at home! In celebration of her 21st Birthday, I am joining her team for “Light the Night”, a walk that raises funds and awareness for Leukemia and blood cancer.   Although you may not know Deanna, I have to tell you that I have never seen such a person face the obstacles that she has with such dignity and grace, at the age of 20.  She has allowed me to realize that we are not invincible and that we must cherish every day that we wake up and our feet touch the ground… So please help me make a difference so that your kids, spouses or parents never have to endure the battle that Deanna has!

~ Anonymous