April 26, 2012 Pink Inspires

Something To Ponder Today…

People Can Change… Really.

Embrace Each Day.

Enjoy not only the experiences but appreciate the people around you…  As we grow older, we realize that genuine, beautiful, honest people are the exception rather than the norm.  In today’s world, it is rare to meet someone who is kind, thoughtful and generous of their time or heart.

Whether you believe life is simply a random set of events or that everything happens for a reason, when you meet someone special, platonic or otherwise, nurture the friendship and take care of their heart like your own.  And it doesn’t even have to be someone you know.  Don’t let a stranger walk away if you think their handbag is amazing or what they said in class was insightful.  It doesn’t cost you a thing to appreciate someone and make them smile.

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