October 17, 2011 Pink Inspires

Rocks Or Something More?

For thousands of years, energy healing by crystals, gems or stones has been a highly debated point of discussion. On one side, particularly those of religious doctrine, view crystal healing as complete nonsense. On the other side, those that believe we inhabit various energy systems which are interconnected to our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, consider this alternative healing technique as real as any orthodox medicine.

Crystal healing has not only been used by different cultures and religions since the ancient times, but has crept into our society as a more acceptable method of healing since the 1990s.  Traditionally, the East treats the person, while the West treats the disease.  However, with the increasing popularity of acupuncture and even yoga, the integration of body, breathe and mind, the modern Western world is more accepting of chakras, the 7 energy centers that allow energy to flow from one area of the body to another.  When someone is ill, physically, mentally or emotionally, these chakras are considered “blocked”.  To heal is to restore balance and alignment to the chakras, which focuses holistically on a person instead of the individual physical symptoms.

Crystals are highly powerful as they possess unique vibrations as a result of their color, chemical, atomical and outer makeup. Thousands of crystals, gems and stones are linked to distinct symptoms and conditions, which are believed to interact and alter our electromagnetic fields as they absorb, reflect, balance, amplify and clear energies.  In essence, they serve to modify our healing energies.

Today, the use of crystals, gems and stones as an alternative healing technique is recommended to compliment traditional medical treatments.  Perhaps the next time you are suffering from ongoing nightmares or digestion problems consider purchasing a Citrine stone.  Or if a loved one is fighting leukemia, find a Bloodstone or Sapphire, both known to shrink tumors.  Just remember to clean or clear your crystals/stones as soon as they are in your possession 🙂