November 25, 2010 Pink Inspires

Old Soul… Yet Still 16

So you have survived and you have recovered from being sick!  VICTORY!  Happily ever after, right?!?

I was sick in my early teens and yes I have survived, I have the scars to prove it or as I like to call them the war wounds.  Since I was younger I definitely aged and have an old soul, so why in certain social settings am I still 16?

I got sick right at the beginning of high school.  As if I already didn’t feel awkward enough with the acne, new school, and just trying to be cool, you’re also sick!  Instead of dating and figuring out how to talk to boys I was worried about scheduling my hospital visits and just trying to pass school. And really what boy wants to date someone who is sick anyways?

Prom the staple of the high school experience was a painful ordeal, from trying to figure out a date to getting a dress.  I ended with no date (like I said who had time to meet boys and I’ll admit I was scared of rejection) and really I just didn’t feel attractive so dress shopping was not fun.

The best was listening to your friends talk about their biggest problem in their lives, BOYS!  Didn’t you just relish in these issues?  I know for me I would love to delve into these problems since in my mind they were solvable.  To this day I am still considered the best person to go too if you need relationship advice, ironic since I have never been in a relationship!  (Dr. Phil move over)

I did not let low marks and my disease conquer my ambition and my career, the disease taught me to be a fighter and to be bold.  In this area of my life I am fearless and confident.  When it comes to my love life I am the complete opposite, I’m still awkward the 16 year old and recently I realized this is because in this area of my life I am 16.  I still haven’t passed that stage of my life. Seriously I have considered writing to MTV and letting them know that if a camera were to follow me and record how I interact with boys it may rival Jersey Shore for ratings.

So now I am watching my peers get married or have children and I’m STILL working on just trying to talk to boys.  I know what you’re thinking, I should be grateful for surviving and there are people in worse situations.  I definitely am grateful and overcoming my disease has helped fuel my ambition.  But, will I ever catch up in my love life?

~ One of the Many Voices of Pink Inspires