Its half way through winter for many of us, and the weather has not been kind the past few months.  Forced to choose warmth and comfort over fashion, we’ve been bundled up from head to toe, wearing Gore-Tex boots and comfortable Fleece hats and mitts, normally reserved for hiking or skiing.  Just recently I watched how New Yorkers were being advised on TV to go out and purchase Yak-Trax for their footwear.  These ice grip straps simply slip over their footwear so people can still be fashionable but safe.

This weekend, many people will walk their local shopping malls, quickly flip through the latest fashion magazine while standing in line at the grocery check out lane, all hoping to catch what’s “in”.  Living in cities like NY or LA, the local rage is NYC Fashion Week or the 53rd Grammy Awards.   We get our inspiration on how to dress from different sources.  But, most of us feel more confident knowing what’s stylish and cool by society standards, in hopes we can extend the life of a garment another year, recycle from the depths of our own closets a “still good” piece or resuscitate a vintage or sentimental item.

Attending a few of NYC’s Fashion shows this weekend, all the models looked glam and perfectly made up strutting down the runways with the newest fashion trends.  However, what struck me as comical was no matter how chic one looks wearing the newest color or in fashion tie or jacket, looking angry is not what you want people focusing on.

Personally, regardless of age, shape or gender, garbed in a clean white t-shirt and jeans with a smile on your face is both fashionable and sexy, right next to Vivienne Tam or Betsey Johnson’s latest trends.  So, whether it’s a night out on the town, a friend’s wedding or if you are wanting to camouflage your chemo treatment and hair loss… The one accessory you shouldn’t be caught without is a SMILE.  It doesn’t cost anywhere near the beautiful Amanda Pearl fuzzy Corso Clutch nor will it clash with your outfit.