January 3, 2020 Pink Inspires

It’s Not Too Late: Reshape Your Story

A cancer diagnosis brings a spiritual journey for many. Regardless the prognosis or treatment, cancer patients and their loved ones are suddenly faced with the realization that time is not a limitless commodity.

But why wait for a medical diagnosis or another life altering event to force you to revisit your priorities?  Do you want to be remembered for hitting revenue and profit targets or your thousands of “friends” on social media?

Life is precious. Don’t be afraid to pivot or change priorities:

  1. Choose carefully who and how you spend your moments. Trying to make everybody happy is impossible.
  2. Be brave.  Celebrate your life instead of wasting energy with those you don’t like or at a job simply going through the motions.
  3. Be selective. Allow your story to unfold based on the person you truly want to be remembered for.

Be honest and ask yourself: What do I truly value vs. What do I want?

Two very different questions… Two very different outcomes.

~ Lianne