How to Truly Make an Impact During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is a hard month for me. So much of the cancer experience and and reality has become distorted and misrepresented my the endless campaigns focused on awareness and pink paraphernalia. Awareness as a mission was great 20 years ago, but not much has changed since then in terms of breast cancer treatment and the number of women and men dying each day from this awful disease. Awareness doesn’t stop Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) recurrences or and it doesn’t provide the resources, policies and support they need to function during and after treatment.

More Than Awareness

How to Make a Impact Beyond Awareness

It’s time for action! As a young breast cancer thriver, I am passionate about educating and empowering each of you with the information and tools you need to education your community and make an impact this October. Head to Healthline to read the article I wrote. The article gives you 5 ways you can impact the breast cancer community beyond awareness this month and throughout the year.

Healthline Breast Cancer App – Live Chats

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To join the conversation about breast cancer awareness month,  join me on the Healthline Breast Cancer App. I will be leading the  live chats every Monday in October at 9pm ET/6pm CT. Learn more about the Healthline Breast Cancer App.

The discussion topics for each week are noted below. Come share your voice and learn connect with other breast cancer thrivers.