June 15, 2012 Pink Inspires

Heartfelt Words from Kerry…

Once again I find myself at a loss of words, trying to express my extreme gratitude to all of you for making Team PINK INSPIRES such a success in the 2012 Cancer Relay for Life!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, without your support and generosity our participation would not be possible!

Team PINK INSPIRES saw some changes and challenges with our venue and team for the 2012 Relay. As some of us had moved to the Orangeville area we decided to change our venue /location from the Milton Relay to the Dufferin County Relay. We are happy to say the new venue was awesome and well organized–we had plenty of activities to keep us busy all night long (despite the crazy weather we had lol).  We had many team mates that were unable to participate at the event this year for various personal reasons, some of which were unfortunately directly related to this specific cause and the reason we relay year after year. One team member lost her mother a few short weeks ago and another is currently supporting and caring for her Mom as she “fights” this battle. Team PINK INSPIRES was proud and honored to relay on behalf of ALL of our team members, most especially those who were with us in spirit, with the hope that our participation brought some Comfort, Support, Strength and Hope to our PINK INSPIRES family <3

Now despite being down so many teammates –PINK INSPIRES was rear’in to go!!!!!!!!!! We were up for the challenge, and boy did we kick some butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We left Dufferin County wondering who the new kids on the “track” were 😉 lol

Considering there were only 5 members fundraising for the 2012 Relay, PINK INSPIRES set an aggressive team goal of $5000!  I am THRILLED to let you know that we surpassed our goal, achieving $5210!!!!

The Relay night is a real Tribute,  to all those amazingly courageous and strong people who have had to face this disease. It’s a night that is dedicated to fighting back and having Hope, and believing that with all of our help we will find a cure…

As I say every year it continues to be one of the most personally rewarding nights in my life. Every year I am reminded how truly blessed I am, and how fortunate we all are. This disease does not discriminate, not by gender, ethnicity or age…and that my friends is clear to all when you stand around the track honoring and cheering for the most courageous and strong toddlers, youth, teens, parents, grandparents as they walk the first lap of the night –dedicated to them –the Survivors of Cancer Lap! It certainly is a night that helps put everything into perspective, a humbling experience really. I welcome any of you to join this journey with me & my team next year, …I assure you that it is an experience you will never ever forget.


Much Love, Happiness, and Good Health to you all.
Kerry  Team Captain – PINK INSPIRES xoxoxo