July 18, 2011 Pink Inspires

Do You Look To The Heavens?

Ok so I know I just wrote a piece about starting new and I know you couldn’t hear my tone but I’m sure you sensed the excitement and positivity in my writing.  And I would love to write about how all my new plans came to fruition and I’m  happy-go-lucky… But you know how life goes… A couple of more set-backs.

So I’m coming out a dark and angry period and trying to switch my mind set.  I don’t know where you stand with this but are you a spiritual person?  Does praying to God or any higher power make you feel better or aid in your journey?I used too but I just felt that I was being abandoned and forgotten.  To be honest I’m the type of person to drop my friends for being absent since why do need someone to suck my energy if they are not willing to return the favour?

Reading some of these article it is interesting to see what prayer can do.  I’m not trying to write this to convert anyone but I can see how praying is a lot like meditation.  I guess life is already so hard enough it might be nice to unload some of our burdens.  But I find it hard when there are no changes or no answers.

ScienceDaily (June 18, 2009) — Health and religion have always been intertwined, most obviously through prayer on behalf of the sick. Does intercessory prayer for sick people actually help heal them? For thousands of years some people have believed so. But new Brandeis University research in the Journal of Religion this month shows that over the last four decades, medical studies of intercessory prayer—the prayer of strangers at a distance—actually say more about the scientists conducting the studies than about the power of prayer to heal.


Maybe someone reading this can share what they think of these studies?  When you find the load too heavy, how do you deal with it?

Welcome any and all advice…

~ Anonymous