Each of us has cancer cells in our bodies.  But, it is our immune system’s job to control and ensure we are not diagnosed with this deadly disease.

50% of the fatty acids in Coconut Oil is Lauric Acid. Without getting too technical, Lauric Acid is a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) which helps the body wipe out disease causing germs, thus helping your immune system.  When too many microbes invade the body, the immune system becomes weak and the white blood cells cannot fight back, triggering the development of cancer cells.

Coconut Oil has many unique properties providing many health benefits. To name a few:

–        Coconut oil helps the body heal and repair faster, supporting and enhancing immune system functions

–        Has Antimicrobial properties that prevents the spread of breast, colon and other cancer cells

–        Kills viruses that cause mononucleosis, hepatitis C. measles, herpes, AIDS

–        Kills bacteria that causes throat infections, food poisoning, urinary tract infections, gonorrhea

–        Kills fungi and yeast that causes candida, jock itch, ringworm, athlete’s foot, diaper rash

–        Also referred to as the “low fat” fat, Coconut Oil acts like a carbohydrate.  It is not stored like other fats.  Rather it is quickly broken down in the liver and used as quick energy to enhance physical and athletic performance.

A few things to ponder…

  1. Could the Asian Pacific population be onto something?  They have used Coconut oil for food and medicine for thousands of years
  2. Deaths due to heart disease tripled when India switched from coconut oil to partially hydrogenated soybean oil
  3. With the Soft Drink Giants of the World Launching Various Coconut Water Beverages into the Mass Market, Does this support/validate the benefits of Lauric Acid?

Magic Bullet?  With the above claims and long history of use by various cultures, perhaps consider adding Coconut Oil to your next shopping list?

And if you are still skeptical, the next time you are enjoying a 60-90 minute massage at the hands of a talented therapist, ask him/her to use coconut oil.  An added bonus to your massage will be a coconut oil skin treatment that will soften and moisturize your skin, preventing wrinkling, sagging, and age spots.  🙂