December 5, 2010 Pink Inspires


From the time we are young, we are expected to have a plan and execute it.   In fact, technology encourages us to lay out our daily schedules, upcoming tasks, and record short and long term goals.  Personal information like our anniversary date or children’s’ birthdays are marked, and dare we forget, we are simply reminded with a pop up window.  Life moves efficiently along and on track.

So how fair is it that, with three small words “you have cancer”, your life can be completely turned upside down?   Literally in a matter of seconds, our carefully laid out plans simply don’t matter.

It is important, however, to remember that we always have choices… Maybe not about the cancer or news itself… But there is much we CAN still control:

Control our ATTITUDE

Choose to FIGHT

Choose to be POSITIVE

Choose to LOVE and BE LOVED

Life is Change.  Growth is optional…  Choose Wisely.

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