June 29, 2021 Pink Inspires

Cat’s Claw

The indigenous people of the Amazon region have long used Cat’s Claw for its healing properties. Also known as the “Miracle Herb from the Rain Forest of Peru”, this thorny vine is widely accepted as a natural cure for a multitude of ailments while only recently being recognized for its treatment of cancer.

Although scientific research began as early as 1974, Cat’s Claw did not achieve worldwide recognition until 1990. This herb is believed to contain a group of alkaloids that possess anti-cancer and anti-tumour activity as well as stimulating the immune system. Cat’s Claw is also known to help cell damage caused by chemotherapy or radiation thus drastically reducing side effects of both treatments.

The root and reddish brown inner bark are the parts used for medicinal purposes. The bark of the cat’s claw vine can be crushed and used to make tea. Whereas the standardized root and bark extracts are available in liquid or capsule forms.

As the world races to find a cure for cancer, continued research on the interaction between Cat’s Claw and cancer will continue. However, given Cat’s Claw availability as an herbal supplement in natural and health food stores and what appears to be few side effects, more people will explore this option in addition to their traditional cancer therapy.