So you made it to another year and the precious gift of life has been extended.  It’s a time that should be celebrated and enjoyed.  Sometimes isn’t this a time where you realize all the failed dreams that weren’t achieved?

Well let you tell you.  If you asked me10 years ago where I thought my life would be, I would say (imagine hearing this sentence full of promise and confidence)  Well obviously I’ll be married, have 2.5 kids, have a home with a white picket fence and don’t forget I’ll have a successful career.

Reality Check: I reached a dead end with my job and am currently searching for a new one. I’m single and can’t really remember the last time I was on a date.  With kids I’m considering freezing my eggs since I continue to ovulate and the count is decreasing (and what is with the 2.5 what does that mean?).  And well my living situation…I’m still with Mom and Dad.

Whoomp Whoomp

When I write this all out I can’t help but think of this quote: “If you want to make God laugh then tell him your plans”

Sooooooo life clearly hasn’t worked out the way I thought it would.  And it definitely hasn’t lived up to what “society” has set out for me.  Of course I have low moments about it but sometimes you just need to look at the situation in another perspective.

Job – Well I’ve had a some great experiences and met some great people so let the journey continue.  I can definitely apply these past experiences to the next role

Love Life – Well I’m stuck on this one but at least I’ve gotten to know myself a bit better and build up a bit more confidence and learned what I don’t want to settle for.

Kids –  I guess this will have to wait but in this time I have been able to travel and continue my shoe collection without being tied to other financial obligations

Living Situation – I guess I can say I have the best two roommates in the world!  They allow me to take their food, laundry and living space and don’t really ask for much in return.

With being sick….Nobody plans for their own body to turn on them but look at the support and true friends that were around to help you.  I can almost promise you that those who took witness have learned what it really means to fight and apply it to their life.

So continue planning, but make sure you take the time and laugh with God… You might as well 🙂

AND remember to celebrate another year of life!

Happy Birthday

~ One of the Many Voices of Pink Inspires