January 31, 2012 Pink Inspires

Another Way To Lose Weight…

The first month of 2012 has quickly come and gone… And many of us vowed that this year, would be THE year, to establish a regular routine of eating well, consistent exercise and not getting stressed out over small things.  If I told you there was a solution that wouldn’t cost you a single penny, could be integrated into your normal day and wasn’t painful, would you believe me?

Well, its so simple that it can’t be true, can it?  Believe it or not, breathing correctly can help you hit all of your New Year’s resolution goals.  Sounds silly.  But read on…

Think back to the last time something or someone stressed you out.  Your body automatically went into survival mode where your muscles tensed up and your breathing became shallow.   Not needing to state the obvious, but I will.  We need oxygen to live.  However, given our environment today and the lifestyles we lead:  Fast paced, less physical activity, dependency on technology, and more pollution in the air, our bodies carry less oxygen and are less efficient in using O2 to metabolize fats and remove harmful and often deadly toxins.

Studies reveal that increasing one’s supply of oxygen through the simple act of deep breathing, can help one increase the body’s ability to burn fat better than some exercises.  In addition, the increased circulation of oxygen throughout the body supports the increased absorption of nutrients through the intestinal walls while the conversion of toxins into gases, can be expelled by the body more efficiently.

What does this all mean?  Well if you follow that there are many benefits to having more oxygen flow through your body… My advice is to discover more ways to laugh.  That’s right. Laugh more!  Don’t let some schmuck at work or in your personal life take you down.  Laughing not only produces those “feel-good” endorphins (the same ones released during a wonderful, sensual intimate encounter) 😉  but can boost your immune system and relieve stress by relaxing your muscles and making you feel good.

If you don’t believe me, read this article written by someone who knows how to laugh at himself and has subsequently made thousands of others laugh with him… Thank you Daniel Sherman!