March 13, 2011 Pink Inspires

A Smack Across The Head

When an entire country over night experiences a natural disaster that wipes out 60 miles of civilization… What do you say?  The horrific pictures and videos of the aftermath, the description of people searching for their loved ones, or hearing people standing in line for hours hoping the basic necessities like food and water will not run out before it is their turn… Is incredibly humbling.

I sit here feeling incredibly stupid and yet, at the same time, grateful to be reminded how precious life is.  While the Fukishima Prefecture dealt with life and death issues on Friday, I instead was consumed by the most trivial problems from whatever emails and phone calls came in.

Trust me, when I say, that not a single problem was worth the stress.

In relation to what others face every day, be it a disease or overcoming something as tragic as the Tsunami in Japan,  I urge others to put their life in perspective and stop worrying about issues, that in the grand scheme, aren’t all that important.  If someone or something doesn’t add value or enhance your life in a positive way, then maybe its time to move on or find a way to eliminate that source of stress. Enjoy each day and surround yourself with good people in your life.   Life is too short…