Today my co-worker passed away from Stage 4 Lyphoma.

Our usually loud and rambunctious office has been replaced with silence.  It is very sad to hear that his wife and two small children will not be with him for this holiday season.  We are sad to see him lose his fight, a fight he was so keen on overcoming.

With all this sadness I have been able to see some good.  It has been amazing to see the staff completely rally behind a co-worker and friend.  There are even those who didn’t know him so well who came to help and work together.

We had bake-sales, sold t-shirts and even orchestrated a concert as a fund-raiser.  In total we were able to raise over $30,000 towards his family.  Cancer is a disease that break down a person’s body.  But it definitely bring people together.

Cancer cannot break down love.

To all of you who are fighting… Who have passed on… And the supporters… Happy Holidays!