October 1, 2018 Pink Inspires

3 Misconceptions about Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Misconceptions: I can honestly say that before I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 27, I didn’t have a clue what breast cancer was really like. It’s been three years since my diagnosis and I have been forced to learn all the ins and outs of this awful disease in order to navigate treatment and life beyond. I have made it my mission to share my story and educate others in the hope that one day none of us will need to worry about this disease impacting our lives.

Today I’ll be sharing three misconceptions about breast cancer that I believed before I was diagnosed. I hope this knowledge opens your eyes, inspires you to advocate for yourself and your body, and empowers you to share this knowledge with others

Breast Cancer Misconceptions

1. Breast Cancer Only Impacts Older Women

Misconceptsion About Breast Cancer_Yougn Survivor

In my 20s I never thought breast cancer could happen to me. While the majority of the images we see are older breast cancer patients, young women can and do get breast cancer. It’s so important to understand this fact in order to understand the importance of genetic testing, self-breast exams, and advocating for your body starting at a young age. Many doctors will brush off concerns from young women about lumps or abnormalities. Never take no for an answer. If you see or feel something odd, fight for testing at any age. Your future is truly in your hands.

Learn More About Breast Cancer Misconceptions

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