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It’s been three years

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Sharon Civa

It’s been THREE LONG YEARS since my ovarian cancer diagnosis.  Three long years of fear and fight. Of treatments past, followed by worry. Of putting the future on hold and living between tests and checkups. Of wanting to live more than ever before in my life.

It’s been THREE SHORT YEARS of self-reflection and learning what is really important. I’ve been given this gift of three short years, to spend with family and friends, to love deeper, to forgive and be forgiven. To appreciate every day, and experience all the highs and lows that are part of a gloriously normal life. To feel satisfaction in long days of purposeful work and enjoy new passions. To realize how very blessed I am to be given this chance.

I have put THREE YEARS’ DISTANCE between me and that despicable monster that tried to kill me. He is always lurking, waiting in the shadows, so I have not retired my warrior weapons. I fight him in my nightmares, and sometimes in my daymares too. I’ve seen his hideous face. He no longer has the element of surprise on his side. I am wiser now. Stronger. I am fierce and unrelenting in my imaginary battles. I still win.

It’s been ONLY THREE YEARS since that day when everything changed. I’ve always been a little greedy; I want MORE THAN THREE YEARS.

Sharon Civa , MBA, is an ovarian cancer survivor and information technology officer at Penn Medicine Radiation Oncology. She is an active volunteer for Hearts United Against Cancer and The Abramson Cancer Center. Sharon blogs about life after cancer.